Vendor Onboarding

How do I registerd on Marisell as a Vendor?

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to register as a vendor at Marisell!

Step 1

Register for an account

Fill out the registration form by clicking on Vendor Registration at the top of the website.


Step 2

Pay P1,500 annual fee

Once you have successfully filled out the registration form, pay for your annual subscription fee of P 1,500 by doing a bank transfer to:


Step 3

Upload payment receipt

Upload your payment receipt for our verification. We’ll manually screen your registration form and within 24 hours, you will receive an email about your profile activation which will allow you to start uploading your products!


Set Up Your Store and Start Selling!

Welcome to your Dashboard

This is your store’s control center that only you can have access to. To start, you’ll see an overview of your sales summary.

On the left side menu are all the items that you need, for managing your online store with Marisell.


  • Orders – View and manage all your store’s orders from this tab.
  • Reprorts – Get a more in-depth sales data of how your products are performing in the Marisell platform.
  • Media – contains uploaded/used photos and videos that you can use when building your product pages.
  • Products – Add, Edit and Remove products to your online store in this tab. All products added here gets automatically added to the Marisell platform.
  • Store Settings – Update your vendor logo, profile, email and other settings.
  • Support – Use this tab to report any your concerns to the website admin.
  • Profile – Allows you to update information pertaining to your personal user account here in Marisell.


Welcome to the control center of your Marisell online empire – the Orders Page! 

Navigate through your orders intuitively, accessing crucial information at a glance. From order status to payment details, you’re in the driver’s seat. Need to update an order or tweak shipping details? No problem. Flexibility is the name of the game here.

Stay organized with a comprehensive overview of your order history. Search, filter, and sort effortlessly, ensuring you have a clear picture of your business’s performance. Quick actions and bulk editing features streamline your workflow, saving you time and effort.


    Step into the analytical powerhouse of your Marisell domain – the Reports Page! This is where raw data transforms into actionable insights, illuminating the path to business success. Dive deep into the performance metrics of your store and products, unlocking a treasure trove of information that empowers strategic decision-making.

    From sales trends to customer behavior, the Reports Page provides a comprehensive snapshot of your e-commerce universe. Visualize your sales data through intuitive graphs and charts, gaining a profound understanding of what drives your success. Identify your best-selling products, track revenue growth, and pinpoint opportunities for expansion – all at your fingertips.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sell in Marisell if I offer services?
    Use Product Listings Creatively

    Since an online marketplace like MarisellPH is oriented towards products, you can repurpose product listings for your services creatively. Use product listings to describe your service packages, with detailed descriptions, images, and pricing. Mention that these are service offerings.

    Leverage Product Attributes

    Use the product attributes feature to detail your services. For example, if you offer graphic design services, you can use attributes to specify dimensions, file formats, or revisions.

    Create Service Packages

    Create service packages as "products." For instance, if you're a freelance writer, you can create product listings for different types of content (e.g., blog posts, articles) and offer different word counts as product variations.

    Provide Detailed Descriptions

    In your product listings, provide comprehensive descriptions of your services. Include what the client can expect, the process, and any other relevant information.

    Use Categories and Tags

    Categorize your service listings appropriately, making it easier for potential clients to find you. Use tags to improve searchability.

    How do I create product variations (Ex: Sizes, Colors, etc.)

    To create Variable products, simply follow these steps to setup your product correctly. This panel can be found in your Seller Dashboard when you login to your account. On the left side, click on Products > Add New to add a new product. Now the panel above can be seen below the product description box. :

    1. Under Product data, select Variable product.
    2. Click on Attributes on the left.
    3. Type in the name of your attributes. Example: "Color"
    4. Type in the values separated by the separator symbol |


    Next, follow these steps to turn your attributes into product variations:

    1. On the left side, click on Variations.
    2. Next, click on Generate variations button.


    Once you click on the Generate variations button, you will see the attributes you typed in earlier are now product variations. You are now able to set specific for each product variation. Example, for the color Gray:

    1. You can set a product image for this variation by clicking on this icon.

    2. Set the regular price for the product here.

    3. If your product has a sale price, set that here. You can even set a schedule for your sale.

    4. Don't forget to click on the blue save changes button to save your edits. 


    How do I sell my bookable services?

    To create Variable products, simply follow these steps to setup your product correctly. This panel can be found in your Seller Dashboard when you login to your account. On the left side, click on Products > Add New to add a new product. Now the panel above can be seen below the product description box. :

    1. On the Product data dropdown selection menu, select Bookable product.
    2. Set your General options here on the General Tab.
    3. Set your service's avaiilability here on the Availability Tab.
    4. Setup your service costs here in the costs tab.
    How do does MarisellPH handle shipping of products?

    MarisellPH currently follows a shipping model where each seller is responsible for handling the shipping of their own products. This means that when a customer places an order, the respective seller is in charge of packaging, labeling, and sending the product to the customer's specified address.

    While MarisellPH is currently operating with this decentralized approach to shipping, we have plans to partner with third-party delivery couriers in the future. This strategic partnership will allow us to offer more shipping options, streamline the shipping process, and potentially provide better shipping rates and delivery speed to our customers.